Myths And Facts On Bariatric Surgery Victims And NOT Culprits

Did you know that crash dieting is the most effective way of weight-loss or there are some magical foods that cause weight-loss? The beauty about myth is that, although everyone knows it is untrue, one wants to believe it.

For instance, when it comes to losing weight, most people make uncountable efforts and yet are not able to sustain the weight-loss results for longer durations. For such cases,Bariatric surgery has proven to help a lot. Despite its success, many suitable candidates still hesitate to choose Bariatric surgery because of the misconceptions around it. Here is a list of seven most common myths on Bariatric surgery and facts that will burst the bubble around them.


    • Myth – Bariatric Surgery is only for grossly obese


  • Fact – Anybody with 20-25 kgs excess weight or a BMI of over 32.5 kg/sq m can undergo the surgery



    • Myth – Bariatric Surgery is risky


  • Fact – Bariatric surgery has become as safe as a hernia surgery with mortality risk of 0.05% & re-operation rate of 0.01%



    • Myth – Bariatric surgeries should be considered as the last option for weight loss.


  • Fact – Weight loss surgery is good option for people who are finding it difficult to maintain weight with diet and exercises.



    • Myth – Weight may be regained after few years


  • Fact – Possibility of weight regain is only 10%* compared to 98% after other weight loss measures like diet, medicines etc in suitable persons. * for banded gastric bypass



    • Myth – Diet has to be continued even after surgery.


  • Fact – Patient is allowed to eat food of his choice till he is full. This can include fish, chicken, eggs, dal, rotis, bread, rice etc & there is no need to eat salads or remain hungry to lose weight anymore.



    • Myth – Drastic weight loss will result in poor energy levels.


  • Fact – Energy levels go up significantly within a short span after surgery due to reduced breathlessness, less joint pains & better nutrition.



    • Myth – Surgery is a short cut to weight loss.


  • Fact – Almost all patients opting for surgery have exhibited exemplary will power by multiple dietary & exercise efforts. Most have given up alcohol and smoking for many years. They are victims and not culprits. Victims of a disease over which they have minimum control.


Like other spheres of life, even in health, reliable information can build understanding and trust. Hearsay or myths should never be determining factor in taking any decisions esp if it concerns your health and life.

Bariatric surgery is an effective and natural way to lose weight. The unrelenting ambition to be fit and healthy always wins the battle against obesity. May the force be with you always!


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