Is Surgery The Final Cure For Obesity?


From trying to wake up early in the morning to keeping a close watch on eating habits, obese people do everything they can in order to lose weight. While some succeed, most find it difficult to continue the journey.

Bariatric surgery has proven to be an effective weight loss option for people who have fought and lost battle with their weight. It is a blessing for those who suffer from related diseases. Lifestyle changes remain an important tool even after surgery.

Gastric Bypass is the oldest bariatric procedure being carried out for over 50 years. This surgery involves creation of a small stomach pouch & re-routing the small intestines. The rest of the stomach remains functional & is connected to intestine. The other procedures include Sleeve Gastrectomy, Mini Gastric Bypass, Ileal Transposition, Gastric Band etc.

The various procedures lead to weight-loss depending on the following factors:

  • Reduction in the size of the stomach through placement of a gastric band
  • Removal of a portion of the stomach
  • Re-routing of the small intestines to a small stomach pouch

Patients typically lose over 50% of their excess weight after bariatric surgery. Obesity-related diseases markedly improve after bariatric surgery, reducing cardiovascular risk and improving life expectancy.

The combination of bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes makes an effective roadmap towards long term weight-loss and improved quality of life.


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